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"Waxing" means growing -
moon is growing lighter before a full moon.

"Waning" means shrinking -
moon is growing darker before a new moon.


Emma Jean's Blue Ridge Almanac is written and published in Sparta, North Carolina, by Imaging Specialists, Inc.

Featuring a calendar, community events, important phone numbers and email addresses for town and county departments and more, it is a general resource for folks in Ashe County, NC, Alleghany County, NC and Grayson County, VA.

Emma Jean's Almanac is available at:

A Perfect Image, Sparta, NC
Blue Ridge Gallery of Fine Art, Sparta, NC
Farmers Hardware, Sparta, NC
Fox Creek General Store, Troutdale, VA
Halsey Drug, Sparta, NC
Highland Forestry, Land, & Timber, LLC, Sparta, NC
Jack of All Trades, Sparta, NC
J&B Auto Repair, Jefferson, NC
Mis Arados, Sparta, NC
Museum of Ashe County History, Jefferson, NC
S&L Outdoor Sports, Sparta, NC
Sparky's Coffeehouse, Sparta, NC
Star Route Books, Sparta, NC
Studio Redwood, Sparta, NC
Sparta Florist, Sparta, NC
The Pottery Place, Sparta, NC
WKSK, West Jefferson, NC

Meteorological, Lunar and Solar information

See moonrise and moonset times, as well as other astronomical data at
the US Naval Observatory.
Find the length of daylight hours, sunrise and sunset, for any location, at SolarTopo.
To see an exact representation of the sun's position in the sky and its travel, for any location, visit SunCalc.

Old Timey Recipe of the Month

Bread Pudding

1 c. bread crumbs (center of loaf)
1/4 ts. salt
1/3 c. sugar
2 c. milk
1 egg (beaten light)
1 ts. vanilla or
1/8 ts. nutmeg

Put the bread crumbs into a buttered baking dish. Pour on the milk and let the crumbs soak in the milk 1/2 hour; add the sugar, salt, beaten egg, and flavoring. Set the dish into a pan of hot water and cook in a moderated oven until the pudding is firm and brown on top (about thirty-five minutes). 1/2 cup of small seedless raisins may be added. Serve the pudding plain or with hard sauce.

Read the Bible in a Year

The structure for the 1-Year Bible Reading in Emma Jean's Almanac came from At, there are 5 different reading plans: Beginning to End, Chronological, Historica, New then Old, and Old and New.

We printed the Beginning to End reading plan in the 2014 Almanac. is a project of Be sure to explore the other resources they offer.

We’re advertising Emma Jean’s Almanac on WKSK, in West Jefferson. Check out the ad they put together for us. We think it’s great and are glad to work with them!